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  • July 20, 2021

As you know, one of the most important tools needed for someone who is active in the field of digital currencies is the digital wallet. In this article, we will introduce and review the types of Ethereum wallets. But first you need to know what is a digital wallet.

A digital wallet is actually a storage space for digital and intermediate assets to connect to blockchain network.

In fact, if you don’t have a digital wallet, it will be impossible to work in the world of digital currencies.

If you want to get acquainted with the concept of digital currency wallet, read the following article.

What is digital wallet?

Ethereum wallet

Like any other tool, digital wallets have different types that are different in terms of security, access, convenience, platform type, and so on. In the following, our focus will be on the types of Ethereum wallets.

Types of Ethereum wallets include:

Hardware wallet

Web wallet

Desktop wallet

Multifunctional wallet

Paper wallet


Hardware wallet

Ledger Nano S hardware wallet

This wallet is one of the cheapest Ethereum hardware wallets. Ethereum is stored on this device and whenever it needs to be spent, the device signs it using the internal private key. You can save Classic Ethereum and Ethereum together on this wallet. Another advantage of the Ledger Nano S OLED display is that it allows you to control transactions. At the same time, the security of this Ethereum wallet model is so high that it can even be used on a hacked computer. This wallet was also introduced as the best digital wallet available on blockchain network.


TREZOR wallet:

This wallet is the first hardware wallet designed for Bitcoin, which currently supports Ethereum in the MyEtherWallet interface. The Trezor wallet stores Ethereum offline and only activates with your password. This wallet is also secure to enough to use.


KEEPKEY hardware wallet

This wallet is the most expensive Ethereum hardware wallet. KEEPKEY Ethereum wallet keeps you in a safe and offline environment and has the same features as the previous two wallets, which also has a larger display and more weight. Ethereum KEEPKEY wallet is anti-shock and has a lovely user interface. So if you can afford the money and want safety and simple user interface, this can be your number one option.

Ethereum web wallets

My Ether Wallet:

This wallet is different from other web wallets in that you can control the Ethereum private key through your system. MyEtherWallet is open source and allows you to write smart contracts. Bitcoin and Ethereum can be easily exchanged through this web wallet. You can also access Trezor or Ledger Nano S through this browser.

In addition to supporting smart contracts, this wallet does not require registration and personal information. It also supports Google Chrome extensions.


MetaMask web plugin:

The MetaMask wallet is a plugin that uses your browser to connect to the Ethereum network. In addition to Ethereum Exchange, you will also have access to decentralized applications. The exchange keys are protected by a password and are stored on your device, allowing you to output them at any time or move them elsewhere. You do not need to register personal information in Ethereum Metamask wallet. Ethereum Metamask wallet can be installed on Firefox and Google Chrome.


COINBASE web wallet:

This wallet is almost the most popular bitcoin wallet that has recently added Ethereum support to its features and is a cheap and fast way to keep Ethereum. The CoinBase wallet only serves certain countries where you can find your country of residence on the list.

In addition to the web, the wallet also supports Android and iOS operating systems. To use CoinBase services, it is mandatory to register personal information and verify the address of the residence.

The downside of the CoinBase digital wallet is that it does not have a private key controller and is stored on hosting servers and also does not support smart contracts.


Blockchain.info wallet:

This popular Bitcoin wallet also recently supports Ethereum’s digital currency. For desktop users, it has two-step authentication and for mobile users, it has PIN code. No one has access to the company’s servers and your information will always be secure. Blockchain.info wallet has a simple user interface, is free and valid, and is also the most suitable wallet for newbies.


Ethereum Desktop Wallet:

EXODUS desktop wallet:

In addition to Ethereum, the wallet supports seven other digital currencies and ranks first among Ethereum desktop wallets. The EXODUS wallet is free and has an attractive and functional interface. To use this software, you must always be connected to the Internet, but your private key will be completely secure. This Ethereum wallet has the ability to back up a private key that you can retrieve your inventory from via email when needed; So you will need a personal email to use this wallet.

The EXODUS wallet supports Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.


MIST Desktop Wallet:

The Mist wallet is Ethereum’s official wallet. The only way to access this app is through a password, so you should always remember it when you set your password.

The Mist wallet supports smart contracts and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.


Ethereum multifunctional Wallet:

JAXX Multifunctional Wallet:

The JAXX multifunctional wallet is made by a Canadian company called Decentral. The wallet supports 13 digital currencies, including Ethereum, and has an interesting environment and many security features. The JAXX wallet allows users to retrieve inventory when needed, and the private wallet key never goes out of the device.

The multifunctional wallet supports Mac, Linux and Windows desktop operating systems, Firefox and Google Chrome browser plugins, as well as Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It also has the ability to support smart contracts and does not require the registration of personal information.

Decentral has announced that a hardware version of this digital currency will be released soon.


Ethereum Paper Wallet:

ETH Address Paper Wallet:

If you want to use a paper wallet, the ETH Address open source project is designed to create this type of wallet. In Ethereum Paper Wallet, both public and private keys are printed on paper and it is possible to encrypt private keys. There is no need to record personal information in this wallet and it does not support smart contracts. Paper wallets are the cheapest way to use a wallet.

The above mentioned wallets were just a few of the thousands of Ethereum digital currency wallets. You can find out about the other digital currency wallets of this popular digital currency with a simple search and choose the right wallet for you.

It can be concluded that there is no such thing as the best Ethereum wallet. Each type of Ethereum wallet has its own features and characteristics that each user chooses the best Ethereum wallet based on their needs.

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