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  • July 20, 2021

In the first part of earning from digital currencies, we discussed three methods of earning and told the basics of each method. In this article we will continue introducing the types of revenue making methods in crypto world.

Affiliate marketing

Another high-paying method that most people may be unaware of is affiliate marketing using custom links. This method has low risk and high income. In this method, users start using the dedicated links assigned to them to advertise a site or special services that are active in the field of blockchain and digital currencies, and if the person in question registers on the site, a fee is paid to the user. If you are an active person, this method can be very profitable for you.

Setup a faucet site

In the world of digital currencies, especially bitcoin, there are websites called faucet, which are also known as drop sites. These websites pay a small fee for users to visit the site and view ads.

If you start your own faucet site and have a high traffic, this method will be a profitable way to earn money from digital currency. Of course, achieving a reasonable income by setting up a faucet site requires a lot of knowledge, time and effort.


Another method that happens to be high-yield and is still more popular today is loaning Bitcoin and digital currency. At the same time, this method of earning money from digital currency has a high potential for generating income, but it is very dangerous and risky. There are sites that link borrowers to users who need digital currency so that the lender can lend a certain amount of digital currency to the user with a certain profit. In most cases, the borrowing user easily rejects the contract after receiving the desired digital currency due to lack of collateral and valid guarantee, and the borrower loses his money.


As we know that the issue of digital currencies is becoming more widespread, so certainly the websites active in this field are becoming more and more popular every day. In such a situation, both websites operating in the field of blockchain and digital currencies, as well as news websites, need people who, in addition to having complete information in this field, also have the power to write. That means a good, low-risk opportunity to make money from digital currencies! If you are interested in this field and have complete information and also feel that you can write professional articles, then do not miss the opportunity. To find a good job with a good income in this field, you can refer to the job opportunities section of news sites or high-traffic sites in the field of digital currencies or send them emails. But the best way to get your articles seen and get feedback from users is to create a profile on the Free Lancer content sites and start producing content. In this way, you can practice writing, create portfolios, test your information and writing skills, and also receive feedback from users, and of course, earn money.

Signature campaign

There is an association known as the largest virtual association in Bitcoin, and everyone knows it as bitcoin (bitcointalk.org). After joining this forum, you can use your signature to promote a particular product or service and receive a reward. The amount of income from this forum depends on your membership level. The highest level of membership with the highest income is called “Full Member”. If you are not a full member, your income is low. To become a full member, you must be very active and have at least 120 posts in this forum, in which case you will have a good income from advertising. Become a member, be active, and earn money from digital currencies!


The cheapest, least risky and, of course, least profitable way to get bitcoins from the internet and make money from digital currency is through airdrops. airdrop means you get a small amount of money for a small job.

There are websites that are known as Bitcoin faucet or airdrop. In exchange for your visits to the site, these sites pay a small amount of digital currency over a period of time. These types of sites are actually similar to pay-per-click or PTC sites. On PTC sites, they pay a small fee for each click you make on a particular ad.


The fork receiving method has a high potential for revenue, but it is very risky for people who do not have enough technical information.

Fork means a new update or branch of the blockchain that will lead to the creation of a new blockchain and a new digital currency.

As we have said, receiving forks is one of the best ways to make money from digital currency, but it is very dangerous for people who do not have enough information about forks and may lose their digital currencies stored in their wallets, so we suggest to have complete and Comprehensive information about forks.

Be sure to read the following article on forks:

What is fork and how does it work?

Making money from digital currencies by receiving forks means that if you have the main coins in your digital wallet before creating a fork, you will receive the same amount of new coins after the process of forking is complete. But be aware that this has principles and rules that, if not followed, will lead to the loss of the original coins, so we emphasize that you must read the above article!

In addition, you should have the necessary information about digital wallets and their types, as well as their security and how to use them. So without wasting time, open the link below and continue reading about digital wallets:

What is digital wallet?

airdrops are usually made to expand a particular digital currency, and are actually a form of advertising for a new digital currency. Airdrops are usually deposited in some users’ wallets randomly. Of course, some airdrops may also set conditions for receiving the coin, such as registering on a digital currency site where you intend to receive the airdrop. In general, airdrops are a good way to try hard and take low risk as well as average income to earn money from digital currency.

Bitcoin as a payment method

One certain way to get Bitcoin and digital currencies is to set up Bitcoin or other digital currencies as a way to pay. You can sell your product for a bitcoin fee or offer your services at the Bitcoin price. The revenue potential of this method is very high and there is a low risk. Of course, revenue through this method depends on the type of product and service you provide as well as your activity.

Right now, there are many websites that you can offer your product or service and choose bitcoin as the payment method.

As you can see, there are many ways to earn money from digital currencies. Each has its own characteristics and features, but the point to pay close attention to is the amount of revenue and risk of each method. High-risk methods are not recommended for people who do not have enough knowledge and information. It also became clear that some methods are fraud and lies that should not be trusted.

So study and do not trust soon!

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