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What is fork in blockchain?

Since the information recorded in the blockchain cannot be changed and each blockchain with the same registered information will continue its activity forever, then no one will be able to prevent the activity of the Blockchain or change it. Registered data include rules set by Blockchain developers which is known as protocols. We said that...
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make money from digital currency (part2)

In the first part of earning from digital currencies, we discussed three methods of earning and told the basics of each method. In this article we will continue introducing the types of revenue making methods in crypto world. Affiliate marketing Another high-paying method that most people may be unaware of is affiliate marketing using custom...
bitcoin - Digital Currency

make money from digital currency

Today, with the spread of digital currencies, there are many different ways to earn money from them. Some promise to give you millions and some promise to give away free bitcoins! Today we want to examine how this is possible. Do digital currencies have the potential to generate revenue at all? And finally, we want...
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What is Bitcoin?

Today we can see traces of bitcoin wherever there is a big business contract holding up. Specially from the time of Bitcoin big raise in value, the name is heard from almost everyone who wants to invest. The interesting part is that everyone has their own unique definition of Bitcoin. Some people call it a...