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Digital currency should be accessible to all, with meaningful rewards and real flexibility

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Best Interest Rate on Crypto Market up to 15%

We use Hana Investment Services to provide the best profit to our customers. Hana is our official partner who has entered the field of digital currencies with more than 20 years of successful banking experience .we have best experienced crypto currency teams, " we know how to Maximize your profit and we know how to keep everything calm
We know how to keep you happy we are HANA"


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Caspinex is the Safest Place for Your Crypto Assets

100% Asset Back guaranties

Hana as a Partner of Caspinex has more than 20 years’ experience at fiat banking and they are the fires fiat bank that started crypto service, more than 1millyon customers has trust them, you can trust too

Highest Interest Rate

You can rest and let your crypto Assets work for you and get the best interest rates with Us up to 15% APY

No Fees

Investors doesn’t need to pay any fees even for withraw coins from Caspinex platform. We will pay even block chain fees instead of Our Investors

withraw anytime

you can withdraw all of your coins any time you need even for investments plans no limitation for withdraw


Distribution of invested coins

You better hurry! You had enough working hard. In the age of technology, it’s the cryptocurrency that must work for you and pay for your costs, not you!!!

  • 15% Bitcoin
  • 18% Tether
  • 13% Bitcoin Cash
  • 9% Dash
  • 10% Yearn finance

Smarter way to save

Simply transfer your currency to Celsius and earn up to 18%.This is saving and earning for the 21st century.

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some of your questions about Caspinex and Hana

Hana is a fiat currency bank with over 2 decades of experience in banking that has entered to the  field of cryptocurrency with a goal to be the best and its official partner of Caspinex in the field of investment it means caspinex is a gateway for investors to archive highest interest rate in the market

You may choose one of 1,2,3,6, or 12 month plans and get paid daily during the time.

You can withdraw anytime you need to. In long-term plans the short-term interest is deposited to your account on a daily basis and at the end of term the long-term interest will be added. So if you take money before the due date, you’d get the initial investment plus the short-term interest.

Sure it does! With over 2 decades of brilliant background in banking and being among top 200 banks in the world, such a background is the best guarantee for return of your investment with its interest.

Your user information is not reported to any government or agency, and you are not asked to pay any tax or fee.

By investing in crypto banking Hana is after gaining a proper place in this area. It is not looking for economic profit for at least a 3 year perspective and is aiming to get to the top place among customers and a well spot in digital currency marketplace to its dignity. Hana’s policy would be discussed and announced after the year 2024.